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November 14, 2008

What Does PLR Really Mean, Anyway?

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If you've been involved in internet marketing for any length of time, you've come across the phrase private label rights, or the initials PLR. You've also seen products that include resell rights, master resell rights, source code rights, and just about every other "rights" you can think of.

But what do they all mean? What's the official definition of "resell rights" for example? How do you know what, exactly, you can do with an ebook or info product that includes private label rights?

Here's an answer that frustrates me (and it may make you feel the same way) — there is no official definition. I can release a product with resell rights and give you the same rights as someone else who releases a product with private label rights. There is no way to tell exactly what rights you have without reading the specific license agreement. (Note: some products don't even come with explicit info on what rights are yours, so be careful not to assume too much!)

However, there are some definitions that are usually understood among most parties in the internet marketing world. These can help you make sense of what's out there.

Resell Rights: You can resell the product and keep the money generated. Usually you're not able to change the product in any way, you must sell it as-is.

Master Resell Rights: You can resell the product and you can also sell others the rights to resell the products. In some cases you're able to resell the "master rights" to others, but in most situations I've seen, master rights only gives you the right to sell "plain" resell rights.

Branding Rights: You're allowed to put your name (and usually an affiliate link) on the product and resell it. Sometimes master resell rights are included, but not always. Usually the rights are the same as plain resell rights, with the addition of your name and URL.

Private Label Rights: You are allowed to put your name on the product and resell it. Often you can actually claim copyright, but sometimes the original copyright has to remain. Most private label rights products also allow you to modify the actual product — in the case of an ebook, you'll usually receive a Word DOC file that can be altered and turned back into a PDF ebook. With a software product, you'll get the actual source code with which you (or a programmer you hire) can make changes.

Of course, since the product creator can define their own terms, you may end up with a license that encompasses some, or even all of the above. Read your license agreement carefully and if you have questions, ask the product creator for clarification. Then get started using those rights you've purchased to make  more money on the internet.

Jay Jennings is a programmer/marketer who's been working his online business full-time since May 2004. He's the creator of multiple tools for internet marketers including PLR Commander, a utility that organizes and reminds you to use your resell rights products. You can find more info at

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