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May 19, 2008

5 Essential Key Points Before Purchasing Resale Rights

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Are you prone to buying one more batch of resale rights products after another and then wonder why can't I make money with this or is it that you not sure how to make money, which ever it is just read on!

Resale rights products at their best can be used for many things including but not exclusively for list building, back end sales opportunities, packages, and much much more. With all things in life if you get your strategy right you are likely to make money, and if you get it wrong you are likely to miss out and lose money.

So lets start by avoiding one of the pitfalls faced with resale rights products and that's the area of low quality products.

If you conduct a search on any of the major search engines you will find no shortage of sites offering resale rights products either as individual or packaged products. The first major dilemma is the fact that these products have often been around for what seems like an eternity and hence the content is often no longer relevant.

For the more discerning potential buyer they will know this and will have been exposed to these products on numerous times and as such would not want these products even if they were given away.

Lets start with some form of list that will enable you to decide on what represents a decent product to purchase.

1. Can you establish when the product was published?

Things move very quickly and techniques are renewed and improved so if you care about your reputation you want to make sure you are marketing valuable and relevant content to your buyers. So with this in mind I would avoid if possible products over a year old and definitely over two. If you are unsure has to the age of the product ask the seller.

2.Check for competition, go on to the search engines and try an establish in numbers who else is selling this product..

If you find a sizeable amount of people selling the same product running into page after page of competition you seriously need to ask yourself what is the likelihood of creating a success with this product. There might be millions of visitors on-line each day, but if there is too much competition how is the visitor going to establish your own unique selling proposition..

3. Does the product come with a marketing package?

The more assistance the better, if you have sales pages and graphics available this makes your job so much easier. You can be up and running a lot quicker, if your resale rights product does not contain sales letters and graphics, I would recommend searching elsewhere.

4. To sell a product it needs to be solving or meeting a need, are you sure the product you are looking to purchase does this?

Potential customers are looking at ways to save money, or time or solve a problem of sorts. For your product to be a potential winner it needs to be achieving a need. Your customers happiness is paramount and hence the quality of your product must be utmost in your mind.

5. The price of the product.

The price point of physical products is driven by the quality of the product and with digital products the same applies. When searching for resale rights you will find a massive difference in prices, ranging from lets say $20 to $ 40 right up to $167 to $197. This should normally tell you something and although pricing may be of consideration to you, there is still no point investing $40 because its cheap, and then it won't sell against spending $197 and the products selling like crazy, so don't let price rule your head completely and evaluate the products worth.

This represents five of the considerations you must have before purchasing resale rights products, I hope this proves useful in your future decision making.

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